Transportation Risk Retention Group Claims

When handling Transportation Risk Retention Group claims, efficiency and expertise are vital.

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Transportation Risk Retention Group Claims with Holman

Holman has the industry knowledge and commitment to provide comprehensive coverage and risk management solutions for your commercial transportation.

Our specialized team and streamlined claims process ensure your business remains protected and your operations continue to run smoothly, all while experiencing minimized disruptions.


Timely reporting mitigates the likelihood of a third-party lawsuit.


A professional claim handler removes the administrative burden after an incident.


Access to resources such as specialist repair and recovery services.


Your claims adjuster can more accurately assess potential liability immediately after the incident.

Handling your Claims Process with Precision and Care

Our comprehensive coverage and risk management solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of the commercial transportation industry. We’re committed to ensuring your claims are handled promptly and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to gathering critical information like the date, time, and location of the accident, we obtain other vital pieces of information like whether or not an accident report has been filed, the facts of the accident, including the direction of the travel, and review of photography and video, if available.

All accidents must be reported as soon as possible, preferably on the accident date, but no later than three days after. This holds whether the person involved is a participant or a spectator or whether you feel the accident will result in a claim.

Soon after the accident, an in-person or telephonic recorded statement will be arranged between the insured driver and the insurance adjuster. The preference would be when the accident is reported, but within eight business hours is the goal.

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We help fleets identify risk and provide products and support to manage solutions through our fleet insurance liability and physical damage coverage.

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We provide an alternative to agents in the underwriting of risks and placement of specialty insurance.

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